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Get  Your Gym Involved

Not part of a gym that is doing the WOD?  That's okay!  You can still workout on your own, gather pledges, and help spread the word!  While the workout is designed with a certain symbolic nature, it can be scaled and modified to your liking.  If all you are able to do is walk aroud the block, but you still want to support our efforts and raise money, then do that!  The main thing is the dogs we are going to help, not whether or not you clear 6 inches on your jumping air squat.  The more people that know about the opportunity, the bigger the potential we have to raise more funds to help thousands upon thousands of shelter dogs.  Details for 2015 are coming soon!!



On Your Own

Dog Gone Good


3 Rounds for max reps


1 minute each of

Thrusters 75/55 lbs

KB swings 1.5/1 pood

Jumping Air Squats (6 inch clearance)

Lateral Burpees

5M sprints down and back (each direction is 1 rep)


1 minute rest in between rounds.


Details for 2015 are coming soon!


We want to have gyms everywhere working out and raising money for homeless dogs!  Together we can make a huge difference, so get your gym to hold a WOD for Dogs event!  Your fitness community can gather pledges from family and friends, then come together for some sweat and great times to benefit dogs in need!  Once you've decided that your gym will be particpating, it's easy for people to donate online and share through the fundraising page below! Send us an email to and we will create your team page through our Fundly campaign.  In that email, let us know which local organization you will be partnering with, so we know who to share the money with!  Then share your team page with your members, and encourage them to share it with everybody they know!  For offline donations, gyms can either collect the money into a gym account, then have the gym donate the lump sum through the online giving page, or you can send us an email at for a mailing address.  Please include your gym's name and location so we can keep track of those involved!

The Workout

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